Price List


Price List

Wildlife Decors Taxidermy

3600 Rusk Ave.
Richmond, Virginia 23234

Cathy McGrath - Lic. VA Taxidermist

Price List year 2006

Whitetail Buck Shoulder Mount: 350.00
Neck Mounts
Buck: 300.00
Doe: 255.00
Whitetail Doe Shoulder Mount: 300.00        Whitetail Fawn LS: 300.00
Panels are extra  30.00 and up Polycore or 45.00 and up real solid wood {oak or walnut}Price depends on size needed, shipping charges are included in price.{Free Name Plate with 4 lines engraved with the panel purchase}

Full Body Mounts:
Bucks: 1,200.00 without base
1400.00 with base
Does: 900.00 without base
1200.00 with base

Bull Elk Shoulder: 650.00, Lifesize: 4000.00
Bear Shoulder Mount: 450.00
Bear Half Lifesize : 750.00
Bear Lifesize : 1,400.00
{add base if wanted for 225.00 extra}
Bobcat Lifesize: 400.00 without base
450.00 with base

Bobcat, lynx, fox - Jumping up catching gamebird {you supply} 500.00
Lynx Lifesize: 475.00 without base
550.00 with base
Raccoon Lifesize: 300.00 without base
350.00 with base 
{Not Doing Skunks as of the 2006/2007 season}

Fox {Red, Grey, Arctic, Cross, Blue}
Lifesize: 350.00 without base
400.00 with base
Coyote: Lifesize 450.00 without base
500.00 with base, coyote shoulder mount open or closed mouth 250.00
Cottontail Rabbit: Lifesize 150.00
with panel base 175.00.
Timberwolf Lifesize: 1000.00 no base
1200.00 with base.

WildBoar: Shoulder closed mouth 380.00   Open Mouth: 475.00      Lifesize Hog: 600.00 and up.

Crow: Standing with base 150.00
Wings open with base 175.00
Pheasant: Standing: 160.00 with base
Flying: 175.00
Turkey: Standing with base 400.00
Flying: 425.00

Domestic Animals:
Calf lifesize: 650.00
Foal lifesize: 750.00
Goats/sheep: 350.00 {shoulder mount}
Domestic rabbit: 150.00
Peacock {tail down only} your bird 350.00,
450.00 my bird
Horse shoulder mount: 850.00  Lifesize: 4000.00
Bull shoulder mount w/ horns: 850.00  Lifesize: 4000.00
No horns: 600.00
Pets: Please contact for information

Excellent References, Quality workmanship at an Affordable Price Always
Only the best Materials used, Excellent inhouse wet tanning.

Quick Turn around time 6 Months or less {Update 9/06} Due to a recent back injury I will be unable to complete mounts as shown {6 months or less} at this time. I am only able to work at a slower pace to nurse my injury, Waiting time for the 2006/2007 season mounts will be up to a Year's wait. I apoligize for any inconvience this may cause you, but I will still put my very best into every mount even though it will take alittle longer to get them done. thank you for understanding in advance.

If you don't see what you need done listed, please ask.
Local and Out of State Work Welcome
Shipping avail in lower 48 only
Wholesale mammal work welcome "ask for price list"
Tags/Permits/check tag for animals that are required must accompany the pelt/skin at check in.
50% deposit Required at drop-off
cash or personal check accepted at drop off, cash only at pick-up.
credit cards accepted through PayPaL

Also Doing:

Antlers on Panel with name plate: 75.00
Euro Skull Mounts: 155.00
Hoof Gun Racks : 2  feet  :  75.00,  4 feet: 95.00,  Just mounted feet : 12.50 each.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Zebra Shoulder Mounts: 750.00 {your cape}
Zebra Lifesize: $ 4000.00 {your l/s skin}

Fish {skin mounts and repro's}Please contact Will at Will's Taxidermy for all your fish mounting needs. Website: 

All price quotes here do not include any shipping charges if applicable.

Prices are subject to change without notice due to price increases from suppliers or shipping services.

Thank you for visiting my site, hope to have the chance to create the perfect mount for you. Till then.... Take Care... Cathy